1/8th Ounce THCa Flower "Frosty Grape" Indoor INDICA 24% THCa

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Are you in the market for a pure hemp strain that provides intense mental and physical highs without any psychoactive effects? Then look no further than our Frosty Grape Indica THCa Flower. With 24% pure THCa, this indica dominant hybrid delivers an unrivaled experience of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation to elevate your mood higher than ever before.

Dazzle your senses with our Frosty Grape’s glistening trichomes covering every densely compacted bud. Bite into its delightful aroma of sweet grapes mixed with a hint of fuel, then if you’re up for it, take a ride through the stars on its billowing taste of berries and diesel.

At 24% pure THCA, we guarantee that you will have the best THC experience when you try this strain – no matter what level of experience you have. Whether you’re an experienced user looking for something powerful or a beginner searching for something mild yet effective, you won't regret taking our Frosty Grape for a test drive!

THCa Flower "Frosty Grape" Indoor INDICA Strain

Scent: Sweet, Fruit, Desiel.

Mood/Effect: Euphoric, Relaxing.

Strain: INDICA

1/8th Ounce THCa Flower "Grape Frost" Indoor INDICA 24% THCa