1/8th Ounce THCa Flower "Han Solo" Indoor HYBRID 23% THCa

Brian's Craft

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Introducing Brian's Craft THCa Flower "Han Solo" Indoor HYBRID 23% THCa 1/8th Ounce – an indulgently flavorful Indica-dominant hybrid! Created by crossing GMO Cookies with Larry OG, this strain is sure to tantalize your taste buds with its pungent blend of herbs, spices, and wood. On the inhale you'll experience taste that is reminiscent of red wine, strong cheese, and ripe fruits – truly a flavor like no other. On the exhale comes powerful relaxation as calming waves spread throughout your body, melting away tension from your muscles and allowing you to enjoy total tranquility. With 23% THC-A content and long-lasting effects, Han Solo Burger is perfect for a peaceful night in at home after a long day. Don't wait any longer – treat yourself to the satisfying experience of Brian's Craft "Han Solo" today!

THCa Flower "Han Solo" Indoor HYBRID Strain

Scent: Herb, Spice, Wood.

Mood/Effect: Uplifted, Relaxing.

Strain: Hybrid