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1/8th Ounce THCa Flower "Sex Panther" Indoor SATIVA 26% THCa

Brian's Craft

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Introducing Brian's Craft THCa flower 1/8th Ounce from Sex Panther (Pineapple Diesel) – a craft strain with Sativa-leaning roots. Get ready for an explosion of tropical pineapple flavor with a pungent diesel and earthy overtone, offering the perfect balance between sweet and strong. The aroma will tantalize your senses with sweet pineapple combined with diesel and earth undertones.

This strain is especially beloved by those who appreciate its euphoric, cerebral effects that offer an energizing boost throughout the day. Reach higher heights, whatever your task may be, as Sex Panther provides an uplifting experience perfect for daytime use. And as it's all-natural and organic ingredients have undergone stringent testing to guarantee its potency and safety, you can trust in knowing Brian's Craft THCa Flower 1/8th Ounce is the very best of what nature can offer.

THCa Flower "Sex Panther" Indoor HYBRID strain

Scent: Pineapple, Diesel, Earth.

Mood/Effect: Uplift, Euphoric.

Strain: Sativa