Delta 8 Hemp 2 Gram Disposable Vape Cartridge Mimosa

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Mimosa, also known as "Purple Mimosa," is a hybrid strain made by crossing Clementine with Purple Punch. The sativa-dominant Mimosa strain was created in 2017 by the Tangie family in 2017. Mimosa has steadily been growing in popularity, not only for people who love weekend brunches but, for anyone who enjoys, and early morning pick me up. This strain has a light aroma and flavor that reminds you of weekends with your friends. With notes of fruit and citrus flavors exploding in your mouth. The sweet and sour tropical citrus flavor almost taste like a fresh mimosa! The effects will leave you feeling uplifted and focused leaving you motivated to take on any task. Perfect for the daytime.  Mimosa gives you a positive attitude allowing the day to flow by much easier.

We combine the highest quality pure delta 8 vape hemp with superior terpenes to make the best delta 8 vape 2-gram cartridge and the best delta 8, 2 Gram disposable vape cartridge on the market.

Scent: Citrus, Sweet.

Mood/Effect: Focus, Uplifting.

Strain: Hybrid

Size:  2 Gram / 2000 MG Delta 8 Disposable Vape Cartridge

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Pure Hemp Derived Delta 8 Vape Distillate Oil and Natural Terpenes. 

No PG, VG, PEG, or MCT.