Pre Roll THCa Flower "Frosty Grape" Indoor INDICA 24% THCa

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THCa Flower "Frosty Grape" Indoor INDICA 24% THCa Pre Roll from offers powerful benefits that both stimulate and relax the mind and body. This indica dominant hybrid hemp strain will provide an intense high with 24% THCa, making it one of the strongest hemp blooms on the market.

When inhaling, you'll experience a delightful wave of sweet berry flavors that coat your tongue and leave you feeling satisfied. The heavy smoke of this pre roll is thick and full-bodied yet soothed by subtle notes of fuel aftertaste. The vivid green buds have a light purple glaze to them, giving Frosty Grape a truly mesmerizing quality. Soft to the touch and densely compacted, THCa Flower "Frosty Grape" Indoor INDICA 24% THCa Pre Roll is sure to please even the most discerning consumers.

The cerebral euphoria experienced when consuming this product is unparalleled, while its calming effects ensure you stay relaxed and enjoy your elevated state throughout your entire session. Get rid of negative thoughts and exhale into a blissful state when using this potent pre roll from.

THCa Flower "Frosty Grape" Indoor INDICA Strain

Scent: Sweet, Fruit, Desiel.

Mood/Effect: Euphoric, Relaxing.

Strain: INDICA

Pre Roll THCa Flower "Grape Frost" Indoor INDICA 24% THCa