Pre Roll THCa Flower "Moon Berry" Indoor INDICA 19.5% THCa

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Moon Berry is a premium indica-dominant hybrid strain that is sure to help you relax while still stimulating your mind. Moon Berry contains 19.5% THCa, giving it powerful calming effects that are incredibly long lasting and accompanied by an invigorating cerebral stimulation. The flavor of Moon Berry has been described as sweet and fruity, with a berry candy overtone and a lightly spicy exhale. It has a similarly pungent aroma, with strong notes of diesel and fruitiness. Moon Berry is the perfect choice for those looking for both clinical help and therapeutic pleasure in one convenient pre roll - so don't wait, get your THCa Flower "Moon Berry" Indoor INDICA 19.5% THCa Pre Roll today!

THCa Flower "Moon Berry" Indoor INDICA Strain

Scent: Candy, Spice, Diesel.

Mood/Effect: Euphoric, Relaxing.

Strain: INDICA