THCa Flower "Frosty Grape" Indoor INDICA 24% THCa

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THCa Flower "Grape Frost" Indoor INDICA strain. Frosty Grape, is an incredibly potent indica-dominant hybrid hemp strain for those looking for full body relaxation and mental clarity. Our Frosty Grape flower has 24% THCa, a compound that provides effects which creep up until suddenly leaving you buzzing with energy and joy, causing negative thoughts to evaporate into thin air. The buds are compact and bursting with trichomes, giving off a sweet smell of grapes mixed with fuel. When lit up, these flowers give off thick smoke with a tinge of berries; truly an aroma to remember! This strain is perfect for both experienced consumers and novice smokers alike - no one will be disappointed! To get your hands on this top shelf THCa Flower "Frosty Grape" Indica 24% THCA, look no further than right here. Grab yourself some Frosty Grape today before it’s gone!

THCa Flower "Frosty Grape" Indoor INDICA Strain

Scent: Sweet, Fruit, Desiel.

Mood/Effect: Euphoric, Relaxing.

Strain: INDICA